Shockwave Therapy


Do you feel pain in marked places?

Does pain limit your performance?
Have you already tried other therapies?
Do you take many painkillers?
Do not undergo an operation!
Try out BTL 5000 (SWT) shockwaves!
Modern non-invasive system designed to counteract pains related to body’s musculoskeletal
system. Which diseases can be treated with a shockwave?

Function principle
Shockwave Therapy BTL 5000 (SWT) is one of the most effective analgesic therapies of the musculoskeletal system.
Shockwaves are acoustic waves transferring energy into the aching places. Thanks to the delivered energym healing and regeneration process start to occur in the soft tissue and tendons.
Advantages of Shockwave Therapy BTL 5000 (SWT):
- treatments does not require any anaesthesia or pharmaceutical remedies
- short therapy time – just 3 to 4 treatments
- no side effects
Heel spur are serious degenerative changes arising in the area of calcaneus. It takes form of a tumour and leads to protracted inflammations. Heel spur is associated with a strong pain,
which significantly limits or precludes walking. We offer a shockwave therapy which efficiently mitigates pain arising from changes related to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Treatments are performed using the highest quality equipment from renowned manufacturer of medical equipment – BTL.