Massage is a form of physiotherapy. Therapeutic massage improves patient’s psychophysical condition; massage is used both as a preventive treatment and in rehabilitation. Orthopaedics’, neurologists, gynaecologists and internal diseases’ specialists make use of massages’ effective impacts that they have on the patient. Therapeutic massage is not only limited to the spine but can be helpful in all disorder of the bone and joint system.

Therapeutic massages improve blood circulation, have a good impact on body’s metabolism, strengthen weakened muscles and dispose of muscular tension. Massage helps the patient to recover after different injuries and immobilizations. A good massage beside delivering physical help impacts patient’s psychical condition – it relaxes and slacken.

When to use a massage:

disorders of the bone and joint system
disorders of the muscular system
neurological disorders
rehabilitation – as an factor that accelerates the recovery and  compensates the deficiencies of muscular-joint-tendon system and internal organs and systems
the need of physical and psychical relaxation

Therapeutic massage should be used in regular time intervals because then it can improve the painless performance of the body. In case of spine disorders, therapeutic massage takes away causes of muscular disorders and removes painful overloads of the dorsal muscle. Massage used as a preventive treatment effectively prevents the degenerative changes occurring in the spine.