Manual Therapy

Masaż Szczecin

This treatment begins with a massage in order to warm up muscles. Once the muscles are warm enough masseur begins to correct joints and the spine. Manual therapy is particularly advisable in case of spine related diseases such as: neuralgia, sciatica and degenerative changes. It is advisable as well in cases of muscle and joint strains, injuries related to
accidents, numbness in limbs and fingers, headaches, migraines, tensions and fatigue. Spine disorders are often caused by an inappropriate lifestyle. Paradoxically, people suffering from such disorders avoid physical activity whilst it is just physical activity that could benefit our body and comfort.


Spine disorders are not easy to detect and medicines offered to improve our condition are only a short-lived remedy. In such case the most effective solution becomes medical intervention and manual treatment.
Treatments used by manual therapies’ specialists help to reduce pain in the spine. They restore proper functioning of all joints and all parts of spine. Treatments improve blood circulation, relax muscles and benefit metabolism. A huge advantage of manual therapy is that our comfort improves immediately and the fatiguing pain recedes.