Hydrocolonotherapy is one of the most modern methods used in medicine. At the same time it is one of the oldest treatments – enema. Hydrocolonotherapy is based on colonic lavage. The process is performed in a closed cycle. Filtered and sterilized water introduced through anus cleanses large intestine (which is the most inaccessible place in the body) and massages the colon – the lowest bowel’s part. This is precisely where food rests accumulate. The years of a non-active lifestyle and a poor diet can affect the body's poisoning, which finds its origin
in the gut.

The hydrocolonotherapy treatment:

  • Removes toxins deposited in the colon
  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Prevents constipation and flatulence
  • Strengthens and stimulates bowel function

Hydrocolonotherapy treatment is a painless way to clean the organism. Colon irrigation affects the well-being and reduces the risk of occurring many dangerous diseases. Hydrocolonotherapy is a clean treatment executed in comfortable conditions for the patient. A hydrocolonotherapy treatment helps patient to lose weight immediately after treatment, and the patient may feel easy (it heals and eliminates frequent headaches). Hydrocolonotherapy cleans the colon microflora and stimulates the rebuilding. Hydrocolonotherapy is used for colon cancers prophylaxis. Colon is responsible for the correct insertion into the blood stream of water, nutrients and minerals obtained under the absorption in the digestive tract. Colon also eliminates the wastes arising from digestion and due to this colon’s correct operation improves general health. Improper diet, stimulants, and lack of physical activity can contribute to colon contamination with parasites, dead matter, mucus and dead tissue. Presence of these substances in blood promotes the onset of disease. Hydrocolonotherapy cleans organism
and stimulates colon to function properly. After hydrocolonotherapy treatment there's room for only friendly bacteria in intestines.