Ear Candling Treatment


Ear candling treatment is an effective way to get rid of problems with one of the most important organs. Treatment itself may look odd but ear candle treatment jest is a safe and comfortable treatment.
In this treatment a special kind of candle is used. It is transformed into a small tube, which should be inserted into ear channel. Protruding end of the candle is held by therapist. Incineration process allows ear to purify itself and regulated pressure in middle ear and sinuses. Patient is aware of
hearing improvement and can breathe better through nose.

Ear candle therapy is appropriate in cases of:
- Hearing problems
- Sinusitis, catarrh

Stress and muscle tension
- Excess ear wax in the ears
- Disturbances occurring in the ears (noise)
- Sleep disorders, hyperactivity
Ear candling treatment takes approx. half an hour. During treatment patient feels warmth and thanks to special oils patient feels relaxed. Because of channel connection between ears, treatment is always done from both sides, even if problem occurs only in one ear.